Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the cutting edge!

One of the editorials in this weeks issue of Nature - Scientists should blog! I guess that's the web 2.0 version of "publish or perish". How do we put this in our "Annual Review of Faculty Accomplishments" Larkin?


  1. I think the practical answer is to count it as a 'publication' and select the 'other media' type. Maybe we should press eARFA folks to add 'blog' to the options of publications. But, the real question, then, is whether you count the entire blog, during the year, as one publication. Or, do you count individual postings? I prefer the latter. Why? I would argue that the number of people who read our Namibia blog far exceed the number of people who have read all of my peer-reviewed publications, combined. So, the potential is there to get people thinking. Blog on!

  2. the only thing stopping me from putting in every individual blog post is the sheer magnitude of the task of entering them all!