Monday, April 20, 2009

Calling the corner pocket

Sometimes it takes a good analogy to help someone understand what AM is about. One that I thought of this morning is Pool. Now, I don't play pool alot, and the one rule that always made my life miserable was the need to call which pocket the 8-ball was going in. But that's the essence of AM - calling the pocket. Then checking to see which pocket the ball went in, if any, is critical to determining whether one's inner physics model is accurate (or maybe I always needed my eyeglass prescription tweaked ... yeah, that sounds good). Making management decisions without monitoring is akin to taking a shot and the 8-ball and then walking away from the table assuming you've won. You just don't do it. And not calling the pocket in the first place - Scratch! So, please, specify your objectives - just call the pocket.

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