Friday, May 8, 2009

roads - the ultimate evil

More evidence that roads are the work of the devil - or whatever source of ultimate evil you ascribe to in your personal belief system (actually that's an interesting thought - what is the source of ultimate evil for a humanist?) - published online today in Animal Conservation. Esteban Suárez and colleagues examined a developing wild meat market in Ecuador. The amount of meat available in the market was significantly predicted by the transportation cost from the source - and that was inversely related to access to roads constructed for oil exploitation. The cost of the meat was also very high relative to domestic meat sources, so its clearly not a "supplemental protein source" but meeting some other kind of cultural need.

Another example of how we can't always predict the indirect effects on ecosystems arising from human activities.

E. Suárez, et al 2009. Oil industry, wild meat trade and roads: indirect effects of oil extraction activities in a protected area in north-eastern Ecuador. Animal Conservation (online).

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