Thursday, September 3, 2009

The value of a closed door

A fellow NU blogger is testing the hypothesis that closing her office door keeps efficiency in - I've always thought of it as keeping inefficiency out, but she might be onto something. If she's right, then I should be more productive in my office with the door shut than I am at home with all the potential "escape routes" like making a nice lunch, feeding the fish, fixing the toilet, cleaning my workbench, cleaning my desk (although I could do that at work as well ... ), reinstalling operating systems on all the family computers ... the list is endless. I propose to test that hypothesis by working with my office door closed 3/10 of the week, open 3/10 of the week (I'll include lectures there), and working at home 2/10 of the week. The other 2/10's - seminars and meetings ... then i'll weight my productivity and ...

hmmm, time for a stochastic dynamic program to allocate my effort between habitats!

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