Sunday, April 25, 2010

Debating Science

You would have to have been buried under a mountain with no telecommunications to be unaware of the storm of comment and controversy unleashed by the release of the ClimateGate emails. I've been peripherally following some of the debate on Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog, and frankly, I'm glad I'm an ecologist working on something as unimportant as the management of big rivers! I just read an amazing discussion in the blog comments on an interview of Judith Curry by Keith Kloor. Dr. Curry is a climate scientist, up until last November a public advocate of the IPCC conclusions, and more recently a reluctant public commentator on what climate science needs to do now. Dr. Curry's replies in the comments section set a high standard for reasoned and polite responses to comments that are frankly, rude and insolent.

Dr. Curry's essay on trust is short, and worth a read - my favourite quote: "Debating science with skeptics should be the spice of academic life ...". I couldn't agree more. I've thought the blogosphere might be a great tool to enable such debates - but the climate science blogs sometimes leave me hoping mine doesn't go that way!

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