Friday, September 3, 2010

RURS - upcoming episodes

In case you find yourself in Lincoln, Nebraska over the next 4 months, here is a list of the upcoming RURS events that we have already scheduled. These are all open, public seminars, so all are welcome. However, at each seminar we will be focusing on the particular disciplinary context represented by that department.

Math/Computer Science - September 16th, Avery Hall Auditorium. Event at 3:30pm
Biology - October 1st, Manter Hall Room 103. Event at 12pm
School of Natural Resources - October 6th, Hardin Hall Room 107. Event at 3:30pm
Ag Econ - October 22, Filley Hall Room 210. Event at 3pm
Psychology - November 3rd, Burnett Hall Room 328. Event at 3:30pm
Political Science - November 12th, Oldfather Hall Room 518. Event at 11:30am
Statistics - November 17th, Hardin Hall Room 49. Event at 2:40pm

We are still looking to confirm dates with Sociology and Engineering - stay tuned for more details.

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