Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Schooling one's thoughts

Quite a while back Jim Peterson (now at Oregon State), started me thinking about similarities and differences between approaches to Adaptive Management. One of my students, Jamie McFadden, took on this idea and conducted a small review of published AM studies, which is now available as "Evaluating the Efficacy of Adaptive Management Approaches: Is There a Formula For Success?". In it, Jamie outlines the attributes of AM projects that fall into two camps: the Experimental Resilience camp and the Decision-Theoretic camp. Jamie found that projects in the DT camp were steadily increasing in number, and that they tended to reach a higher level of success - as she defined it. I hope this article stimulates some broader conversation about what AM is and isn't, how to measure success, and how we can continue to improve - I believe it is time to "Adaptively Manage" Adaptive Management.

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