Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My strongest memory of New Zealand’s South Island, unfortunately, will be driving two fisted, white knuckled down narrow streets twisting over insanely steep mountains, and crossing one lane bridges. Did I mention New Zealand is a country where high octane fuel is available at every pump? I finally realized that the “keep left” signs weren’t meant for foreign tourists, but rather Kiwis gleefully taking shortcuts around right hand bends at 140 kph.
Q: Why did the Weka (a native bird that looks a bit like a long legged chicken) cross the road?
A: Unlike the chicken, the Weka didn’t have a good reason to cross the road, but like all good Kiwis he doesn’t feel comfortable unless risking life and limb on the highway.
Back to the Great Plains now, for the Xmas season, turning in final grades, and preparing for next semester’s classes. Have a great holiday season everyone!

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