Friday, January 6, 2012

AM Entrepreneurship?

There's been much talk here at UNL about "entrepreneurship" - social, business, intellectual, you name it, its all about being entrepreneurial. So I found the notion of a "policy entrepreneur" very intriguing, and a connection to AM in the title of this article was all I needed to take the time to skim through it. Disappointingly, the connection to AM was flimsy and inconsequential, and solely based on the Experimental-Resilience school. The idea is that if you have someone who can influence the policy process you will have greater resilience, because the system can be more responsive. Although the term "policy entrepreneur" appears to have a lengthy pedigree, I'm still not entirely sure what they are after reading this article. They sound like effective "issue advocates", to use Roger Pielke Jr.'s term for people that try to narrow the range of options available.

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