Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: AM and the National Parks system

Way, way back I wrote a paragraph on Tony Prato's research paper on how AM could be used by the National Park System. That post is my all-time-highest visited post! AND, someone provided an intelligent comment on it. So what's Tony up to now?

Looks like he's retired from University of Missouri-Columbia, but he's still got a few papers coming out. I should dig into his work on using Fuzzy Logic in AM.

The anonymous commentator wondered why Tony thought that AM was incompatible with NEPA. From what I've read that's actually true, based on how AM plans have fared in the courts, unless the AM plan is very carefully specified. The issue has to do with "regulatory certainty" for those being regulated. In the case of a national park or other bit of public land, under NEPA you have to ask for coverage of the full range of possible outcomes under AM. That's annoying, but not impossible.

So it only took 5 years for me to respond to the comment. Hmmmm, maybe that's why no one comments on these posts?

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