Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ARM in wikipedia

ARM article in wikipedia - worth a look.

Fred Johnson (USGS) gave a bit of background (10 years of AMCS meetings). Tim O'Meara from the Florida fish and wildlife commission director is a big supporter of this mission, sponsoring the meeting and bringing on USGS to help directly through funding Fred and Bob Dorazio.

Dr. Steve Humphrey, director of School of Natural Resources and the Environment at UF, gave a welcoming address -including a great story of how the Interdisciplinary Ecology degree program got its name. "The first step to wisdom is giving things their right names" - chinese proverb. The word ecosystem meant different things to different people, and restrictive. So a new name was coined - social-ecological systems.

Quote for the day from Dr. Humphrey
"The most forceful, volatile, and manageable part of the social-ecological system is the human component."

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