Monday, March 8, 2010


For the Adaptive Management Conference Series meeting in Gainesville. And, I've had that most marvelous experience of actually meeting someone who is reading the blog! Amazing! People other than my students actually do read this blog.

I'm looking forward to this meeting - its a small group of academics and agency folks who have gotten together annually to 'talk shop' - in this case stochastic dynamic programming and Bayesian updating mixed with waterfowl ecology and alligator harvesting. Its the sort of place where on one side of you someone is talking about heuristics for solving N-P hard combinatorial optimizations and on the other how many Manatees they saw on last week's survey flight. My kind of place, in other words!

Tuesday is a day of hard-core numerical optimization talks, Wednesday is a joint session with SouthEast Partners-in-Flight initiative, Thursday is a hands on workshop on AM for alligator harvest, and Friday is contributed talks including 2 by my crew. And one by me. Stay tuned for updates.

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