Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rebooting the Blog!

The hardest part about writing a blog, is, well, writing the posts. I haven't posted here for nearly 2 years. I've got alot of excuses that I won't bore you with, but there were good reasons too. Chief among those is the fact that I drew the boundaries for the blog much too narrowly. I've had a lot to write about, except that none of it had anything to do with Adaptive Management. Couple that with the fact that I've become quite jaded about the whole idea of Adaptive Management, and, well, I stopped posting.
Recently I started thinking about starting a new blog, drawn broader, that would allow me to write about the things I care about now. As it turns out I'm too cheap to fork out the necessary dough for a domain name. So I thought I'd try a few weeks of just adding to this blog and see if this is more than a passing phase. I'm much better at (re-) starting things than finishing them, so this is a good filter to see if I'm really serious this time around.
Stay tuned.