Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Remembering Scott Field

Last week I heard the tragic news that a dear friend, Scott Field, had died in a hiking accident in Italy. Since then the tributes to Scott have been pouring across the interwebs, especially on Facebook. I wanted to take a bit of time to look through what images and memories I had of this great guy.
I have none. Really. I guess I don't really take pictures of people. I did come across this picture which comes from circa 2004? 2005? I was on the back side of an extended visit to Oz and spent a few days hanging out with Scott at Waterfall Gully in Adelaide. I believe Brendan Wintle stopped by, and some science happened. Beer was involved, and lots of walks in the Adelaide Hills. I think the intent was to combine our 2004 paper on minimizing cost of managing a declining species with our 2005 paper on detectability issues in monitoring. It never happened; I was getting wrapped up in teaching etc. in Nebraska, and Scott was, as ever, moving onwards towards the bright horizons. Our collaboration was awesome for me. He will be missed.

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